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We were so incredibly proud to produce useful and informative content around a condition that is under-diagnosed and lacks the awareness it deserves, considering it affects one in nine women under 44.

It was a privilege to share Ann-Maree’s journey and engage with a large audience to increase awareness for endometriosis and HCF as a brand.


Having a clear focus on audience and objective – thanks to our content strategy– meant we could create and atomise content that was bespoke for channel, driving higher interaction and never wavering on our commitment to quality, veracity and the power of storytelling.

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Emily Geier

HCF Senior Content Marketing Manager

As Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, HCF is committed to making its content relevant, engaging and understandable. But that isn’t always easy, particularly when it’s complex medical information.

The TL;DR snapshot:

The challenge: Taking a customer-led view and breaking silos

Now that HCF had its content marketing strategy in place, it was crystal clear who it was targeting, why, how, and what their next step should be.


So, we partnered with them to produce content for a pilot to showcase its new approach.

HCF's endometriosis landing page with common myths

How we approached it: Start with customer intent and their journey

The insights from the brand experience map clearly detailed the endometriosis opportunity. From there, we needed to map the optimum user journey and search volumes.

While search is critical to drive free targeted traffic, this was not just a volume play. We needed to bring ‘Uncommon Care’ to life through engaging and authentic storytelling that provided genuine utility to readers.

Endometriosis is an emotional topic and we needed to ensure that the content was genuinely helpful, empathetic and medically robust.

Once we were clear on the intent of searches, we mapped the optimum customer journey and web hierarchy, so we understood the endpoint.


When this was locked down, the plan was socialised with the working group to discuss how their teams’ activity could be synchronised into a cohesive and impactful campaign.


From there, it was time to move into content production.

HCF Women's Health endometriosis landing page

The solution: ‘Consumerise’ data to craft impactful stories

First, a journalist ‘consumerised’ the website hierarchy. For example, we knew we wanted to target the search term ‘medicine or myth endometriosis’. After we’d done our research, this became an article called ‘Endometriosis myths: common misconceptions busted’.


Next, we assessed what existing content HCF had that we could repurpose.


In unison, HCF was producing an emotional video sharing Ann-Maree’s story: a woman’s journey to motherhood with endometriosis.


In a compelling video, Ann-Maree said: “I want it to be okay to talk about endometriosis. I want women to feel they can say, ‘I’m in pain, I’m suffering,’ and to be taken seriously. And I’m sharing for my daughter – because there’s a genetic element to this disease – and I want her journey to be different.”


This cracking piece was the hero of the social campaign.

Making it happen: HCF’s endometriosis content hub comes to life

Once the content was complete, we worked with HCF to design a landing page. And we made sure this page, and each piece of content, were optimised within an inch of its life.

HCF was the proud new parent of an endometriosis content baby, which was ranking on Google and amplified through multiple channels. And it worked.

Making an impact where, when, and with who it matters

This campaign was so successful because it was leveraged across so many consumer touchpoints. And feedback from the team showed the new integrated operating model worked a treat.


From a metrics perspective, the campaign delivered:

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