SFI’s journey to search and conversion domination

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Matt and the team streamlined our SEM activity – simplifying our campaigns and ensuring that we saw a strong uplift in conversions early on. I was impressed by how they kicked things off by quickly getting stuck into the research.

Their superpower is making complex data sets and rigorous research reports easy to digest and highly actionable.

They have a collaborative and transparent way of working – from day dot they really made an effort to get to know the business and sort through the complexity as it comes. 

This is especially refreshing given that we work in a rapidly evolving and highly regulated industry. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious making it easy to bring them into discussions with stakeholders even beyond the marketing team.

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Michelle la O'

Digital Marketing Manager, SFI

SFI Health (SFI) is a premium global natural healthcare company, and its Flordis and Prospan brands play in the highly competitive natural health category.


The SFI Australia team needed to find a way to punch above its weight in terms of marketing effectiveness, improving search sophistication and increasing conversion.

The TL;DR snapshot:

The challenge: You need search sophistication and maximum bang for your buck to beat the big boys

In Australia, SFI is a challenger brand in a highly fragmented market dominated by large established competitors. It has to ensure every dollar invested delivers maximum bang for its buck – and then some.

SFI was producing a large amount of content but wasn’t generating the requisite customer connection or organic traffic to reap the rewards.

Similarly, its search engine marketing (SEM) account wasn’t driving the results it should.


It wanted a cohesive search strategy to better connect with its target audience and deliver tangible business results… So, they gave us a buzz.

How we approached it: Search data and customer insights powered the strategy

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We had a head start given we’d already worked with the team on SFI’s brand experience map, which identified its customer-led emotional territories. The richness of these insights was the foundation of SFI’s search success.

First off, we partnered with the team to develop a unified search strategy – both search engine optimisation (SEO) and SEM.

Next, we did a deep-dive on the search behaviours and associated journeys for critical areas SFI wanted to ‘own’ including highly targeted areas that aligned its products and expertise within women’s health. Naturally, this unlocked customer intent and the content required at each stage of the sales funnel.


We also assessed its competitors’ search effectiveness to find low hanging fruit, as well as meatier opportunities.

From there, we conducted an SEM audit and uncovered ‘quick win’ optimisations to immediately improve performance within the first three months.

The solution: Strategy’s not worth the paper it’s written on without sublime execution

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Once the strategy was locked down, we collectively rolled onto ‘doing the do’. This included optimising all relevant existing content for search, so it appeared on page one of Google.


We restructured the SEM account, streamlining campaigns into core, high performing ad groups and keywords. This typifies simplified sophistication, one of our top Google hacks. We also optimised audience and time targeting to help reduce wastage drive effectiveness.


Campaign copy was revitalised and new ad formats introduced to increase click-through rates. And conversion-based bidding strategies were implemented to ensure every dollar invested focused on tangible outcomes.


We also started bi-monthly ‘test and learn’ elements like a Shopify landing page to improve transactions onsite. This one was fun, and boy did it work. We’ll tell you about it another time.


Additionally, we worked with the team to ensure once we got people to the site, the path to purchase was frictionless. This included simple, yet effective, tricks like enhancing the placement of conversion buttons and optimising cart functionality.


SFI also embraced the fact that retrospective reporting is so ‘yesterday’. Instead, we collectively focussed on a ‘start, stop and continue’ operating model where we constantly reviewed the previous month’s data to prioritise opportunities to drive more traffic, customer engagement and conversions.

Making it happen: Search enters another stratosphere within its first year

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SFI Australia’s search performed its socks off, and then some, pretty much straight away.

The foundations of its success were mapping the customer journey, diagnosing the data, and turning it into tangible results.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: understanding customer behaviour and building audience tribes turbocharge your website performance.


Search is now a critical driver of sales and conversions online, and they have the Ferrari of SEM accounts.

In less than one year, we helped SFI achieve:

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