How SFI became a content marketing supremo and bona fide global health partner

The team from BEX Lab helped us evolve our content marketing strategy and brand experience map. Their data-led consumer insights enabled us to change the conversation we were having with customers, enhance our value proposition and power our marketing ecosystem.

These projects generated a massive improvement to our global marketing efficiency and helped us create a consistent global positioning architecture. Similarly, it provided benchmarks to measure our marketing effectiveness against.

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Global Digital Content & Effectiveness Manager, SFI

Soho Flordis International (SFI) is a premium global natural healthcare company. It has built an enviable reputation based on its unwavering pursuit of quality and consistency and its marketing needed to meet the same standards.

The TL;DR snapshot:

The challenge: Operationalising an inspired customer and content marketing vision

SFI had an inspiring vision: to empower the responsible management of your health, naturally.

However, it hadn’t quite cracked how to deliver this through it brands; Flordis, Klaire Labs and Potter’s, which are sold in Australia, USA, UK, Asia, South Africa, Middle East and Europe.

So, they enlisted BEX Lab to help them diagnose customer needs and build a scalable brand experience map.

Our approach: Understand customers’ needs for their natural health partner

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We started by mapping SFI’s current content marketing state and opportunity. From there, we analysed their existing qualitative and quantitative data, so we were clear what consumers wanted from an ideal natural health partner.

We also worked with them to diagnose who the optimum customers were that would deliver the most significant commercial returns.

Once we’d locked these segments down, we explored how SFI could better address the tangible needs of specific segments in a way that naturally (pun intended) linked back to their products.

This process also uncovered that SFI spoke about what they knew best – themselves, their products, and symptoms.

But it wasn’t customer centric… and it set up a robust conversation around whether they should lead with purpose or product.

The solution: Relentless relevance is your content marketing secret weapon

Matt Allison and Kate Brown on stage talking about SFI's content marketing strategy at Mumbrella 360
Kate and Matt co-present a masterclass on how SFI embedded its content marketing strategy at Mumbrella360.

Rather than boiling the ocean, we focused on becoming relentlessly relevant to specific customers – or tribes as we’ll call them – and addressing their needs at key health stages.

And because we understood the tribes in detail, we were able to establish customer-led content pillars and associated journeys.

Our data-led approach enabled SFI to change the conversation it was having with consumers (potential and existing) and to enhance its online customer value proposition.

It also laid the foundations for SFI to build a unified global content operation and strategy that demonstrated how it helped improved peoples’ health.

Making it happen: SFI is now a bona fide global health partner

SFI chart on how people search

Ultimately, SFI’s brand experience map provided a global launch pad to unify its global content operation.

It now has a consolidated, customer focused approach to nurture and target its tribe with content that’s relevant, genuinely useful and importantly showcases the brand’s credibility and product line.

These data-led insights now underpin everything SFI do – from briefing creative agencies, informing search, writing website articles, social copy and mapping customer journeys.

Specifically, the project enabled SFI to:

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