HCF: An uncommon approach increases customer, content marketing and business results

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The team from BEX Lab helped us build our content strategy and establish a solid foundation from which we’re able to view the power and opportunity of content differently.

Identifying the areas where we could differentiate has enabled us to engage more deeply and meaningfully with our members, driving trust and delivering brand awareness to a wider audience.


We truly appreciated the way BEX Lab got stuck in. Working at pace, collaborating and iterating off the back of business feedback makes them such a pleasure to work with. They feel like a partner, equally invested in the end result, rather than an agency – one step removed.


I’m so glad they’re who we chose to help us build a roadmap, set us on this journey and are still there to guide us on our way.

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HCF Senior Content Marketing Manager

As Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, HCF is renowned for the ‘Uncommon Care’ it shows by going above and beyond for its members.


To help sharpen its engagement, HCF needed a content strategy with a laser-beam focus on customers, which it could atomise across paid, owned and earned channels.

The TL;DR snapshot:

The challenge: Taking a customer-led view and breaking silos

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Like most large corporates, HCF produced a huge amount of content across a myriad of channels; but too often it was everything to everyone.


HCF needed to develop a content marketing strategy to unify activity and accelerate commercial outcomes.

To achieve this, it needed to transition from content creation to customer-led marketing.

That’s where BEX Lab came in.

How we approached it: Embedding a laser-beam customer focus

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In short, we needed to identify and agree, the target audiences that would deliver the biggest bang for HCF’s buck. And we needed to understand what made these customers tick.


A roadmap for long-term success, if you will.


Once done, we built ‘emotional territories’ to connect with these audiences in a way that met their needs and married up to HCF’s proof points and products.


Equally important was broad business engagement – something that’s all too often missed. Insights from these stakeholders helped evolve our thinking and added a layer of depth that made the strategy stronger.

The solution: Building a long-term growth roadmap

Ubiquity Lab chart on HCF Needs based content marketing plan

By putting customer insights at the heart of our decision making, we were able to build engagement territories that would ultimately prime for sales.

This enabled us to create a customer-centric content strategy that embedded ‘Uncommon Care’ throughout the customer journey and differentiated HCF in a largely homogeneous market.

Making it happen: Embedding ‘Uncommon Care’ throughout the customer journey

HCF’s content maturity has gone from zero to hero in a matter of months and its recent endometriosis and netball content are best in class content marketing example(s).


This laser-beam focus on customers has enabled it to cut through the noise and carve a niche in the market. Specifically, the strategy has enabled them to:

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