Unlock robust content marketing pillars through strategic questioning

Content marketing pillars must unlock the nexus of conversations you want to 'own', that your audience cares about, and that are commercially relevant. Here’s how we do it.

At its core, content marketing strategy involves building and monetising an audience by finding the nexus of conversations you want to ‘own’, that your audience cares about, and are commercially relevant to your organisation.


Yet, as any seasoned strategist knows, the path to developing your content pillars – the key topics or themes around which you create and organise your content – is significantly more complicated.


This process becomes even more complex in large organisations, where strategies must navigate numerous stakeholders and competing priorities.

At the heart of any pillar development lies a critical question: Where should you direct your efforts and, more importantly, why?

Collectively, the insights elicited from the questions below enable you to structure your content pillars in a way that intersect organisational, commercial and customer priorities.

Process to develop content marketing pillars
We drew this image for a client recently to help visualise our typical process.

Organisational perspective must underpin content marketing pillars

Commercial imperatives

With organisational clarity established, we shift to the commercial realm:
These insights lay the commercial foundation upon which your content pillars must be constructed.

Customer centricity

The ability to provide concrete answers to these questions serves as the litmus test for the strength of your content pillars and, by extension, your content marketing strategy.


Can you and your stakeholders answer these questions?


If not, it might be time to partner with us to review your strategy or benchmark your content maturity.

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