Brand Experience Map:
The path to business success

Powered by data, led by customers, tailored for profit

BEX Lab’s Brand Experience Map (BEM) is our key strategic offering – a data-led process that identifies your customers’ goals and the paths they take to get there. A BEM will chart and optimise the user journey, generate leads, increase salience, drive sales and boost your bottom line.

A BEM will provide a clear, data-led blueprint to strategically pair paid spend with sophisticated owned and earned activity, enabling us to detail how to optimise your website and content to match.

It focuses on consumer intent and market orientation — not just business intent. Because it is customer-led, it serves to fast-track sales, strategically linking brand, content, sales and profit.

Brand Experience Map sales funnel
Brand Experience Map unpacking how people search

The team from BEX Lab helped us evolve our content marketing strategy and Brand Experience Map. Their data-led consumer insights enabled us to change the conversation we were having with customers, enhance our value proposition and power our marketing ecosystem.

These projects generated a massive improvement to our global marketing efficiency and helped us create a consistent global positioning architecture. Similarly, it provided benchmarks to measure our marketing effectiveness against.

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Make your marketing customer-led to drive sales

“Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires."
Dr Phillip Kotler

How a Brand Experience Map powers your marketing

A long Excel document individually listing every keyword, its volume and competitiveness? That’s not a plan… let alone a strategy – it’s a brain dump.

A BEM precisely identifies what information your customers are seeking at each stage of the digital customer journey, and in what sequence. This data reveals customer opportunities, pain points and motivators to purchase.

It forensically maps customer intent, commercial objectives and proof points against the sales funnel, finding the ‘impact nexus’ — the single most important insight your brand can utilise.

Consumer intent is typically broken into three overarching areas:

Informational: they want to know something

Navigational: they want to go somewhere

Transactional: they want to buy something

A BEM goes beyond the generic to achieve granular and actionable insight into the next action customers undertake, and why. It uses fragmentation and bespoke categorisation of every keyword individually to identify and crystalise where and how the opportunities lie.

By dissecting an audience-first pattern of facts, and revealing the deeper truth behind them, we translate that truth into a highly strategic, and actionable data-led marketing strategy from the top of the funnel to acquisition.

The BEM blueprints how to leverage both content and customer intent through SEO and paid channels so you can have a much more nuanced conversation across the customer journey. And it details the exact suite of content necessary to capitalise on the prospects revealed. 

Brand Experience Map content pillars ecosystem
Brand Experience Map content hierarchy

How a BEM powered AustralianSuper's
content marketing

What can a Brand Experience Map do for your marketing effectiveness?

A BEM will take your business to the next level if you are ready to:

Start with customer needs

Target bespoke marketing funnel development

Story-tell using emotional and functional drivers

Monetise content and improve media spend

Start with customer needs

Target bespoke marketing funnel development

Story-tell using emotional and functional drivers

Monetise content and improve media spend

Increase your brand’s emotional drivers

Strengthen your brand voice

Strengthen your brand voice

Develop a distinct set of brand or content territories

Position your brand as a thought-leader

Increase your brand’s emotional drivers

Strengthen your brand voice

Develop a distinct set of brand or content territories

Position your brand as a thought-leader

"Integrating owned and earned media boosts your campaign effectiveness by 13% and 26%, respectively… And emotional campaigns yield stronger long-term effects and are more profitable, particularly over a longer time frame.”
Binet and Field’s Marketing effectiveness in the digital era

Accelerate your content marketing sophistication

How we partner with you to undertake a Brand Experience Map

To date, we have built more than 50 BEMs, refining a seamless process along the way. Typically, this includes:

1. Workshop mapping

  • Deep ingestion – we review your marketing, brand and business strategy.
  • Workshop with key stakeholders.
  • Mapping teams’ activity to understand interconnectivity, commercial outcomes and competitor markets.
  • Synthesise findings with customer interests and commercial objectives.
  • Build hypothesis content and brand narratives
  • Identify initial keywords ‘buckets’ (uncategorised) .
  • Internal socialisation.

2. Brand experience mapping

  • Agree keywords to analyse.
  • Undertake up to four levels of keyword categorisation to unlock consumer intent.
  • Define audience by demographic breakdowns.
  • 12-month trend analysis.
  • Identify opportunities to win mapped to the sales funnel.
  • Determine optimum content hierarchy.
  • Internal socialisation.

3 Content creation

  • BEX Lab journalists ‘consumerise’ insights and develop editorial plan.
  • Prioritise and commission strategically important content.
  • Audit existing content and identify options for repurposing and SEO optimisation.
  • Produce bespoke content.

4 Digital and paid strategy

  • Leverage intent for broader marketing consideration.
  • Refine paid media strategy for social, digital out-of-home, programmatic display and ATL.
  • Develop a combined paid and organic approach to drive cost efficiencies.
  • Develop social strategy aligned to insights.
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The team from BEX Lab helped us build our content strategy and establish a solid foundation from which we’re able to view the power and opportunity of content differently.

Identifying the areas where we could differentiate has enabled us to engage more deeply and meaningfully with our members, driving trust and delivering brand awareness to a wider audience.


We truly appreciated the way BEX Lab got stuck in. They feel like a partner, equally invested in the end result, rather than an agency – one step removed.

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Which types of businesses benefit most from a Brand Experience Map?

We’ve delivered BEMs for global brands worth more than $300M through to start-ups. And for B2B and B2C.

Regardless of category or sector, the BEM is ideal for most brands looking to streamline a complex – and competitive – sales journey. This is particularly true for higher value or more considered purchases.

Some of our successful BEMs have been built for businesses that operate in banking, e-commerce, FMCG, healthcare, health insurance, hospitals, not-for-profit, private equity, real estate, SMEs, start-ups, superannuation, technology and vitamins and supplements.

Brand Experience Map how people start searching

What are some of the Brand Experience Map outputs?

Monetising content and optimising marketing are two of the big wins BEMs deliver. Here are some other advantages we’ve unearthed on the journey:

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