We’re your partner not a vendor

Colleagues, not clients

We’re an extension of your team,
who's fully invested in your success

We partner with businesses to drive change and meaningful growth. The ‘BEX’ in our name points to the data-led Brand EXperiences we help to create.


And as ‘Lab’ suggests, we blend experience with experimentation, and creativity with cutting-edge content marketing to tell your story in the most impactful way. We help you to not only navigate the content marketing landscape but to blaze a trail through it — accelerating your pipeline and increasing the metrics that matter.

We do what we say, say what we think, and know when to listen.

Our mission

We might be in the content business, but our mission is intentionally unsexy: to connect data, customer intent and content to build meaningful brand experiences.


BEX Lab is all about improving the customer experience, and increasing our clients’ market share and profitability. 

Everything we do is measured by three benchmarks…




…and supported by the three pillars on which our agency is founded:

Brilliant humans

Clients win​

Brand experience map-led

These are more than just words on our website, they are at the heart of everything we do. They are in our DNA. Learn more about the ethos and rules we live by.

We’re in this together

We believe in collaboration, equal contribution and partnering. We’ll work with you to co-create a growth plan, integrating customer intent data and commercial objectives into a sophisticated content marketing strategy that can be deployed across paid, owned and earned channels. We’re here to help you drive change, build precise audiences, generate leads and facilitate growth.


Change management is hard. We’ve lived and breathed it, as an agency partner and in house. We’ve navigated our way past multiple content marketing roadblocks – strategic, operational and executional – and we can help you do it, too.

We walk in your customers’ shoes

When we dissect the customer journey, the data tells us where your customers have been, where they’re going, and how to arrive at an effective and efficient content-led ecosystem.

We’re all about
data-led paid, owned & earned integration

We decode the data to reveal patterns, deep truths and possibilities. Our brand experience map identifies customer opportunities and pain points, enabling brands to have a more nuanced conversation across the customer journey.

We’re journalists and expert digital natives

Your story is too important to leave to amateurs. Our team are all experienced journalists, editors, sub editors, producers and videographers. Together they have years of lived experience in story-telling, SEO and digital optimisation.


Matt Allison of Ubiquity Lab

Matt Allison

Founder & Managing Director

Matt has 20+ years helping clients understand the customer mindset and cut through the information overload, so they can capture attention and turn it into a commercial outcome. 


Matt has worked in-house and as a consultant across finance (banking, insurance, private equity and superannuation), e-commerce, FMCG, government, health (insurance, hospitals, vitamins), logistics, not-for-profit, retail, property and real estate, SMEs, start-ups and technology… to name a few.


He doesn’t believe in going deep on one discipline. His mantra, and experience, is data-led paid, owned and earned strategy and integration. This blend of expertise enables Matt to spot content angles others miss.


Matt’s superpower is data-led content marketing strategy. His vision for the big picture and ability to get granular helps you formulate a roadmap, overcome obstacles and achieve your business goals.


His cutting-edge views and real-life experience have seen him become a regular speaker, judge and workshop host at high-profile events.

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Learn our 20-step methodology to formulate a content strategy, operationalise it, and embed it to drive commercial outcomes.


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